I am a photographer living in New York. Previously I lived in Berlin and Tokyo. The culture and history of the places where I live inspire my projects.    

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The Berlin Series (Sphairagrams, Berlin Scrolls and Streetscapes) are each about Berlin and its traces of war, but deal with this topic in a different way.
    Sphairagrams takes bulletholes as its main focus and presents itself in the form of a (mock)catalogue. There are 33 sphairagrams in total.
    Berlin Scrolls are Asian scrolls with Berlin blind walls as background patterns and Asian-looking scenes, all photographed in Berlin, based on “kigo” (Japanese season words used in haiku and scrolls) in the foreground. There are 20 scrolls, each is 1 m (3,28 ft) long and about 30 cm (12 in) wide.
    Streetscapes focuses on buildings that disappeared in Berlin because of the war and the buildings that have replaced them. Each streetscape, there are 7, consists of a collage of several photographs each of an old building next to a new one.
    The form in which these works present themselves (a catalogue, Asian scrolls and collages) put the viewer on the wrong foot initially, but finally they are also instructive in coming to an interpretation and meaning.

The Berlin Scrolls presented above are titled: Autumn (Bugs/Grave Visit), Spring (Sparrow), Summer (Upside Down Jellyfish) and Summer (Jellyfish).

Hunter-Gatherer (Shibuya Crossing, Alexanderplatz, Columbus Circle), started out with photographs I took in Tokyo of random people at the famous crossing. I later expanded the series with photographs taken in Berlin and New York. Written in Japanese along the side are the date and place. 
This project consists of 15 collages and photographs.

Reconstructing Forest is still a work in progress. 

The Shanghai photo series focuses on a way of life that is disappearing from the city as old neighborhoods make way for new high-rise buildings.

20 Seasons (Memories of Tokyo) are double exposed pinhole photographs. They are photographic reflections on the years that I lived there. They depict Shibuya Crossing at noon with sakura and Akasaka with Hamarikyu's 300-year-old pine. This series received an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards in 2017.

A selection of the Agnus series also received an honorable mention at the International Photography Awards in 2017. The series is about a lamb from an island in the North Sea.

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